Finncock is a sexual energy artist, erotic artist, nude photographer, adult performer and digital artist based in Helsinki, Finland. He creates sexual energy art that dives deep into his masculinity, sexuality, the act of climax and the erotic sensation of painting with a nude body.

Available art includes: one-of-a-kind acrylic sex energy art paintings, open and limited edition photography prints, open and limited edition digital art prints, erotic films, xxx videos, sound works and more traditional male nude drawings and paintings.

It is all about freedom and bliss and enjoying the sexual energy in the world of Finncock. 

But it goes a lot deeper than that.

Can you remember who you were before your community, country, religion, parents, teachers, peers, bosses, siblings, friends... told you either directly or indirectly who you should be? Can you remember how that freedom felt before you learned all this "stuff" and without really wanting to internalized other people's ideas, bought into status quo, and in the process repressed your true self? 

I can. Very clearly.

I was a young kid who believed he was perfect the way he was. Gay, yes, but what of it? Still perfect. The boy had big dreams. He believed he could be absolutely anything and he believed he would one day be there living his dream. 

Then... society came knocking, bullies shattered his confidence and he no longer believed, he merely survived. His father shattered his trust in love, intimacy and words. Religion shattered his very being, headlines in the newspaper whipped perfection out of him. His first lover, another broken creature, shattered his self-esteem with years of emotional violence until there was barely anything left.

Such is the backstory of your captain of bliss. I wasn't always free. But I am now.

Finncock was born out of desire to be free again. To feel again. To connect with my senses, my body, my sexuality, my original state of being. To disregard the rules, boxes and values of others that were never me. To bring forth true Self, and the enchanting wondernment, innocence, trust and belief of the past. The freedom and the strength that comes through knowing yourself and simply surrendering to it. 

Finncock didn't come into this world purely to satisfy sexual cravings, not only to experience and elevate physical & spiritual bliss through sex art - but to experience bliss in a totally different, personal and deep way.

True authenticity, without judgment or shame. All across the board.

That is the story of Finncock.

Yours sincerely,

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Finntalks is a discussion/support group for men. Here you can address any concern you may have about anything and like-minded men will be there for you.

Men tend to bottle things up. It's an unhealthy pattern we adapt early. It isolates us and leaves us alone. Culturally it is more accepted for women to talk about things, share intimate problems they may have. For men the same rules don't sadly apply, as we often feel we need to avoid showing our vulnerability. Finntalks is a group where you can do just that. You can be open and raw, ask for advice and support from a community of other men.

To all the men. Voice your concerns, let's break the culture of silence. We are here for you.



Finncock is looking for partners such as: new upcoming underwear brands, fetish gear brands, sex toy brands, clothing, accessories and jewelry brands that fit the image of his brand. Finncock will proudly wear your products and showcase them across his social media profiles and the hundreds of men on his email list. 

Things Finncock is into: leather, boots, silver jewelry for body, neck and hands arms, jockstraps and underwear in general, steampunk, dildos, cock rings and anal plugs, jeans that are ripped/worn out with interesting detailing, classic stuff, avant grade stuff. A lot of things go with Finncock so feel free to contact me and suggest your product and we’ll take it from there.

If you should partner with Finncock, your products will gain visibility through all of Finncock's social media handle (incl. Facebook, two Instagram accounts, Twitter, PornHub, his email list, and of course, through his website).

If you are interested in partnering with Finncock, feel free to take contact and we'll discuss our blissful future together.


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