Q: i want to commission an artwork, how does it work?

A: First contact us via the email at the contact section at the bottom of the website, and let us know what it is that you are interested in (whether it is paintings, photography, or video work of some kind). Be as specific as you can about what you are looking for. In case of visual art, let us know your budget and the size of the artwork you have been thinking of. After you have contacted us, Finncock will get back to you and discuss further.


Q: what is your pricing like? how much does your commissioned artwork cost?

A: The prices of Finncock original artworks, photography and video works are determined by many factors: starting with Finncock’s long experience in the field of erotic art, down to artist's costs, materials, size of the commissioned (or available) work, time, skill, the type of work in question, plus shipping and handling.  In case of video works the nature and length of the video and time spent creating it is a factor. As regards to pricing, please keep in mind that Finncock’s art is exclusive and no work can be replicated - you will be the only one who owns that particular piece. If you are requesting a commissioned piece, the prices will be relatively higher, respectively as in such a case, I am accommodating your wishes. Most of Finncock photography prints are limited edition, unless otherwise indicated. In case of limited edition prints there will only be 10 to 25 pieces printed of each image, this naturally has an effect on the price. Occasionally Finncock might release open edition prints, which will be more affordable.

Q: why doesn't finncock show his face?

A: Finncock is basically doing what the photographer Venfield 8 is doing. Venfield 8 is a photographer who has created the persona of Venfield 8 to do more sexually explicit art, to not drive away his more traditional clientele. While Finncock does not exactly hide himself, both he and his fans enjoy a certain kind of mystery. Finncock's face may not always remain a mystery but for now he plans to keep his face somewhat out of the spotlight and his sexual energy and body right in it.

Q: isn't this pornography, not art?

A: To some it may be, truly. Some people think a nude body, penis, nipple is pornography, even without it being linked to any sexual act. Therefore some people will consider Finncock's art pornography, and some of it certainly is. Other people, however, respect and understand and value the energy side of his art, the way he expresses his sexuality and takes something considered taboo and normalizes it. No matter what the form of his expression, his sexual energy is directly transferred to the finished piece. For some those people it is almost a spiritual experience and has nothing to do with pornography but  more to do with a kind of tantric blissful state. It's all in the eye of the beholder.

Q: why sexual energy art?

A: The erotic artist behind the brand of Finncock has worked a long time doing more tradition erotic art, consisting of male nude drawings and paintings. Sexuality and erotica has always fascinated him. The path to Finncock was very spontaneous, as one day Finncock simply decided to ejaculate on a black paper to see what would come out of it. It may seem kinky but believe me, there are way more kinkier stuff out there. Finncock felt intrigued by the shape his ejaculation had created and realized it was truly a one-of-a-kind creation that had captured a very specific moment in time, a very specific energy, his moment of bliss. He thought that was not only interesting but that there was great value in it. He further developed techniques to compliment this discovery, worked with detailing the surrounding the area, "carving it" (so to speak) to the forefront in order to give the works a graphic, primitive, abstract look.

Finncock considers sexual energy sacred and sees all his art not just sexual but also spiritual.