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JUNE 20, 2019


Finncock’s Fluidity series of body abstracts, defined by motion has been published in Mascular Magazine. You can download your own free copy of it via:

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june 15, 2019


Finncock is rearranging his music distribution and soon his music will only be available directly from the Finncock website. The current releases will be pulled out of online music stores and Spotify, and some of the music will also be released under his other artist name.

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MAY 3, 2019


Remix EP of Finncock’s latest release Obey has been released via

The remix EP includes 7 remixes of the track, one of them being instrumental.

Remix EP will also be released via Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and other major online music stores very soon. You can pre-save the release on Spotify so you’ll get it as soon as it drops here:


APRIL 30,2019


Now available directly through the shop at

All major online music stores will follow.


APRIL 29, 2019


Finncock has completed his Bite Du Jour Project and the entire series is now viewable under Photography -> Bite Du Jour Series 2019.

Finncock is considering the possibility of creating a photography book of the images created so far, and a similar project for 2020 (if followers/fans are interested). Let Finncock know how you feel by writing to:


APRIL 19, 2019


Finncock will be again part of the erotic UK zine Channel Hate, Archive #3.

Archive #3 of the publication will focus on the theme of Discipline. Archive #3 comes out in July 2019.

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APRIL 19, 2019



  • all images must be emailed to (due to resolution issues)

  • include the words Bite Du Jour in the headline of your email

  • make sure your image is as sharp as it can be, as the project focuses on creating erotically charged photographic imagery by combining your image with that of Finncock’s

  • you can submit a photography of any part of your body to be combined with that of Finncock, including but not limited to the sideview of your crotch area/cock, your butt, your chest/back, full body, a shot of your mouth/neck area etc.

  • include your first name with your submission (the artworks will be titled in the form of: Finncock & (your name)

  • All imagery created will be published under the Photography section of A limited edition print will be produced of each image, to be available from the artist directly.


APRIL 10, 2019


FINNCOCK: SPECIAL DELIVERY (XXX VIDEO) is on clearance sale (-50%) UNTIL MAY 15, 2019.

Finncock: Special Delivery, a 2 hour 25 minute masturbation extravaganza is going off the official Finncock shop.

You have until May 15, 2019 to get your own copy - after that the film will be cleared from the shop and will no longer be publicly available.


MARCH 30, 2019


The Channel Hate Archive #2 is all sold out, apart from 3 copies Finncock is releasing for sale personally. Unlike the Channel Hate store version, these copies are signed by Finncock. The signature is on a Finncock image inside the magazine that depicts a glory hole scene. Unlike previously announced.

Available via

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MARCH 29, 2019

RE-LAUNCH OF FINNCOCK SKETCHES MEN and bite du jour interactive PROJECTs and invitation to submit to my moment of bliss project focused on sound

After a rather eventful and dramatic 2018, which stalled the Finncock Sketches Men interactive project, Finncock is ready to resume sketching and deliver as promised. It has been a bit of a struggle to gather all the images sent to him but most are now in order and identified. Still some remain that are “unknown” due to them being given to him via Instagram as an image that had a timer which makes viewing them again impossible. This is why they cannot be traced back to those who sent them. It is always better to use email and send your pics to (add FINNCOCK SKETCHES MEN PROJECT ENTRY in the headline of your email) to prevent such a situation.

Likewise, Finncock will resume to create the images for Bite Du Jour interactive projects, where followers/fans of Finncock will be merged in a nude art print together with Finncock. These will become limited edition erotic art prints only available directly via

In addition, submissions are open to My Moment of Bliss project which is solely focused on sound. The idea is to record your moment of pleasure/climax (for example with your phone) and send the audio file to Upon doing so, remember to add your first name as the sound files will be added to a new gallery at and each file will be named after the first name of the submitter. The categories you can submit under are: men, women and couples. This project aims to create a library of erotic sounds for everyone to enjoy. Please feel free to join the project!


MARCH 27, 2018


All music and erotic films are half price until March 29, 2019 (11:59 pm).

Simply use the code FINNFLASH at checkout and the cost of your order will be cut in half. It doesn’t get cheaper than this folks!

To shop, go to

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MARCH 3, 2019


In contrary to previous newsletter announcement, Finncock will be offering only two membership packages at when the membership subscription service launches (*note: being a newsletter subscriber should not be confused with these membership programs, newsletters will always remain free of charge). 

The upcoming Finncock Memberships are:

FINNCOCK GOLD - a monthly subscription service to exclusive content. Your credit card will be billed monthly for as long as you remain a paying subscriber and you can opt out any time you want.

FINNCOCK DIAMOND - a Lifetime Membership with bonus content on top of what all Gold Members get. Lifetime access means you can enjoy all the exclusive Finncock content for a flat one-time fee for as long as Finncock exists. And he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Apart from the one-time fee (that you can also break down to few installments) no other charges apply. As it should be, Diamond Members get even more Finncock: further access, extra material and extra services only reserved for Diamond Members.

NOTE: Finncock Memberships do not grant automatic access to paid Finncock content such as original Finncock artworks, paid-only porn videos/erotic films, music, art prints or design items that are/shall be available via the official Finncock shop during your membership. However, Finncock will reward dedicated fans by offering free downloads and/or giveaways prizes when applicaple. 

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MARCH 3, 2019


Finncock is almost ready to launch his new photographic series titled Fluidity. The series consists of partly and entirely unfocused images of the male body and genitals, revoking a dreamy quality found in old photographs, a sense of softness and romanticism, an air of sensuality, seduction and movement.

“I’ve always been fascinated by blurry images. I sometimes purposefully try to achieve some blurriness but I’m also always open for happy accidents while I’m photographing. My way of working with photography itself is very fluid. This is basically what made the project Fludity came to be. From my own fascination with partly or entirely blurry images… how soft and alluring they are. These images capture the motion of the male body, the sensitivity of the male penis and an enchanting tenderness. They are frozen images of one moment between two moments, forever gone yet forever present.”



february 20, 2019

finncock partners with squarespace to deliver future newsletters to subscribers & with printful to bring you open edition art prints via the official finncock shop

Finncock has partnered with Squarespace to deliver future newsletters to subscribers. The first (and last) email of the month to announce the news to subscribers on Finncock mailing list has been sent out.

“Overall I feel this may be a blessing in disguise as it will be much more easy and convenient to create and send newsletters via the same platform I use to host my website. There is much more on the horizon for Finncock and I can’t wait to share it all with you.”

Finncock is also partnering with Printful in order to bring you art prints of his photography and paintings. Printful will be integrated into the existing Finncock shop and products will be manufactured and delivered to customers from the nearest Printful facility, be it in the US or Europe.

“I know there are people who have been wanting to see this happen and now I am making it happen right here on my own website. Limited edition prints are still only available directly from me, but open edition prints are available through the site. The new service will be available as soon as it is technically and artistically possible. I have a vast catalogue of images and it will take a little time to go over which ones I will keep for limited edition prints, which will become open edition prints, and which I will share on Membership Area or free via newsletters.”


february 17, 2019

finncock featured at

Erotic artist and adult performer Finncock proudly announces that Fagazine is featuring both his photography and a story his art.

Fagazine is an informal celebration of the sex and sexuality of gay men. Shining a light on sex, fagazine aims to take back gay sexuality and showcase it for what it is; free honest and sometimes filthy.

“Finncock produces erotic art and adult content using photography, sound, music, film and traditional nude art. With his background in the field of design, he continues to expand his artistry into different areas of self-expression while celebrating the primal sexual energy. The mission of all Finncock art is to normalise what is considered taboo. In the world of Finncock sexual bliss merges with art, self-love, healing, even spirituality in a non-conforming way.”

Read the whole story and learn more about why Finncock does what he does at

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february 16, 2019

e-mail service provider changing: please remember to check your inboxes and re-confirm your subscription to finncock newsletter!

Due to unfortunate events, Mailchimp and Finncock are parting ways.

Finncock now partners with Squarespace - the same platform that hosts his site - when it comes to sending any future newsletters to subscribers.

We are tirelessly adding all previously confirmed subscriptions on the new emailing list, and due to this you will receive an email and unless you confirm your subscription again your email won’t be added to the new list. PLEASE NOTE THAT NEWSLETTERS CONTAIN EXPLICIT IMAGERY AND EROTIC CONTENT. If you do not wish to view such images, do not re-confirm your subscription.

Thank you for co-operation and apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.


FEBRUARY 15, 2019


The UK erotica zine, Channel Hate Archive #2, themed Isolation, is out now via

Featuring many erotic artists and photographers, not to mention 10 images by erotic artist Finncock. Get your copy while the supply lasts (the previous issue sold out).


february 6, 2019


The 2 hour 25 minute XXX film captures Finncock like you’ve never seen him before, enjoying himself again and again and again... All the stroking and juicy squirting orgasms will make sure you have a happy ending. And you don’t have to take our word for it. A preview reviewer called it “the mother of all milkings.” Hot stuff. Just for you.

To get your copy of the film, visit Finncock official shop at: (you’ll find the film under PORN FILMS)

finncock_channel hate13.jpg

february 6, 2019

FINNCOCK WILL BE FEATURED in a uk erotica zine channelhate

Finncock’s erotic photography will grace 10 pages of the new ChannelHate #Archive2. The issue is focused on isolation of self and how it can manifest in sexual acts and desires.

The UK zine will be out on Valentine’s Day 14/02/2019. Pre-orders will be available 10/02/2019. ChannelHate will also be launching the zine with and @dsuperstore on the 14/02/2019.

About the zine: