Finncock is a sexual energy artist, erotic artist, nude photographer, adult performer, digital artist & musician/producer living and working in Helsinki, Finland. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in 2002 and his Master of Arts in 2004. He is a multi-disciplinary artist, having experience in multiple creative fields including but not limited to: visual art, design, film, graphics, photography, writing and music. Due to his multi-potential Finncock is able to build entire worlds for an exhibition of his sexual energy art, from sensual music and sound to moving image, to one one-of-a-kind artworks infused with his sexual energy.

Finncock creates sexual energy art that dives deep into his own masculinity, the uninhibited expression of sexuality, the act of climax and the erotic sensation of using his own body and body parts. Due to the erotic nature of his work, he sometimes walks the very edge of fine art. Finncock's toe is firmly in the world of art, fetish and sexual energy, extending to certain levels of pornography. That is why his art may best be described as porn art.

Finncock harnesses the most primitive powerful energy on the planet and transforms it into sexual captivating spontaneous artworks. The nature of his works is only part of the experience which aims to transmit a unique energy burst by taking an art lover back to the source of creation. Finncock's artworks are no mere artworks. They are physical representations of his sexual energy and by offering his art to collectors, both the finished artwork as well as the process itself, his own artistic and physical experience merges with that of a viewer or collector, allowing them to be intimately joined with him - and indeed own a concrete piece of him and his energy.



commissioned sexual energy art

Finncock takes on sexual energy art commissions.  Finncock offers a package deal to those who would like to receive an art process video of the creation of the artwork. Finncock also takes on commissions solely related to video work or sound work.

If you are interested in commissioning a one-of-a-kind artwork from Finncock, don't hesitate to contact via the contact form on this website.

No need to be shy about what you want. Finncock wasn't born yesterday.



  • acrylic paintings on paper / canvas / sheet

  • artworks containing the artist's cum (on paper / cardboard)

  • art process videos (painting videos / masturbating videos)

  • erotic sound file recordings

  • prints of Finncock artworks and photography

  • greeting cards and notebooks

  • Finncock's underwear art



Each time Finncock creates he takes a journey into his own sexuality, experiencing his own sexual energy, his body - and touches the world of bliss. No artwork is the same as it is all about the moment, the energy in that moment. There can be no two works that are identical so if you acquire a sexual energy art piece from Finncock, you can be sure that it is the only one in the whole wide world.


black & white and color PHOTOGRAPHY

Most of Finncock photography is B&W photography. Art process photography is vivid in color, rich and glowing. In addition Finncock produces more explicit photography (incl. sexual acts) in B&W.



  • Erotic photography focused on the penis
  • Full-body nude photography
  • Art process photography
  • X-rated photography


Finncock videos can be divided into four categories: art process videos, erotic art films, XXX videos and commissioned video works. Art process videos are about the process of his art. Erotic art videos are sensual artistic video productions, aimed to arouse. XXX videos including sex acts aim for your happy ending (though erotic art films may do just the same). Commissioned video works can be anything a collector wishes (with some limitations). If you are interested in commissioning a video, feel free to contact and explain your specific wants/needs and Finncock will get back to you.


video art

  • Art process videos

  • Erotic art films

  • XXX videos

  • Commissioned video works



Finncock also creates digital art from the photographs he takes. As in all of his art, he uses his own body to create the imagery. In his hands, they turn into erotic mandalas that combine the erotic and the spiritual. Sometimes the shapes in his digital art are very recognizable and sexual, sometimes more abstract - but always captivating and intriguing.

EpicBlender_9_8_2015 22_57_53.jpg


Finncock produces erotic audio files for your pleasure.

Some are free to stream at your convenience, some will be for sale. Commissions available.



Finncock also produces music, both instrumental and erotically charged. Finncock music can already be purchased online via major music stores and streamed at Spotify. In the future his albums and singles will also be sold via official Finncock Web Shop on the site.